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Kinder Fit is a weekly fitness & sports program committed to the physical development of toddler through school age children. Our goal is to cultivate a lifelong love for fitness. Kinderfit accomplishes this goal by bringing our weekly 30 minute program and exciting equipment to your school. Classes are divided into groups by age and are designed to challenge each child in a positive and encouraging way! Each class has a Health lesson, warm-up, physical activity, and a cool down.

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Fitness Activities

Our mission is to provide children the opportunity to work on sports skills, gymnastics, tumbling, and fitness activities.


We want to cultivate a true love for fitness within each child that will last a lifetime!

Innovative + Safe

Each week your child will participate in a new activity using our innovative and safe equipment specifically designed for the developing child.


Kinder Fit is a program committed to the physical fitness, health and the development of young children.

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Kinder Fit teachers genuinely love what they do-it is obvious every time they visit our school! The kids look forward to the cool, fun stuff they bring each week, and I am always amazed at how much they learn during each Kinderfit lesson. Kinder Fit utilizes each moment with the students to engage their minds and bodies through meaningful activities. They are the perfect compliment to our “active learning” educational philosophy.

Memorial Lutheran Chapel School

Our children and teachers love Kinder Fit, it is their favorite day of the week! As a director it offers a wonderful opportunity for our school to provide children with quality physical education activities and FUN for the children.

Anastasia Baptist

Kinder Fit is the best thing about Fridays at our center! The kids and teachers look so forward to it! It has absolutely enhanced our children’s interest and love for fitness, as well as worked on children’s coordination, motor skills, and team work.

Treasure Harbor Preschool

We all look forward to Kinder Fit day each week! The preschool teachers and I love it as the Kinder Fit teachers clearly know what they are doing with providing engaging and age appropriate activities that strengthen children's motor skills as well as social skills like taking turns. The children love it because it is so much fun!

Presbyterian Day School

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